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Wooden kitchen cabinet doors lined up in a display in various door styles and colors, prio

Why Woodland?


Employee Owned 
company operating out of 
South Dakota & offering custom made cabinets.


Over 60 door styles
in inset, overlay & 
full overlay as well 
as 100s of finishes


1000s of customization
options to fit your budget, needs &style


Lead time of only 4-6 weeks & personalized customer service.

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Standard Overlay


Standard overlay cabinetry features cabinet doors and drawers partially overlay the face frame, leaving a visible portion of the frame when the doors and drawers are closed, offering a traditional look with a framed appearance.

Popular Door Styles

This beach house kitchen features standard overlay cabinets with a classic door style and opaque white finish to compliment the timeless nature of the frame style.

Woodland's Offerings

Full Overlay

In full overlay cabinetry the cabinet doors and drawers completely cover the face frame, providing a seamless, modern appearance with minimal visible frame, maximizing the cabinet's visual space and offering a sleek look.

Popular Door Styles


This full access cabinetry is featured with shaker style doors and in an opaque sage green finish for a sleek appearance. The simplicity and sophistication of this cabinetry highlights the modern appliances that it is surrounding.


Inset cabinetry is a style in which the cabinet doors and drawers are set flush with the face frame, creating a classic and timeless look reminiscent of furniture. This design often showcases precision craftsmanship and attention to detail, with the doors and drawers fitting precisely within the cabinet openings.

Popular Door Styles

This elegant kitchen renovation featured inset cabinetry with a simple door style and a stained grey  finish. This creates a look that is a unique blend of modern and upscale rustic.